Wednesday 1 December 2010

194,000 Miles

At the moment, pressing problems are the belt tensioner (have bought a new one) and the heater blower is having issues.

The tensioner keep periodically flicking into that opposite past TDC position removing all tension from the belt. Luckily I can just push the tensioner back into position with a long screwdriver without removing anything, so can fix it on the move. Just need some time to swap the tensioner for the new one. New one only about 32GBP.

The heater blower has progressively become less and less effective. The blower needs to be turned right up to max to get any sort of flow out the vents. In the current cold weather, it is very difficult to actually get the car interior hot.

It struggles to keep the windscreen demisted with all the flow directed to the windscreen and on max fan setting!

Bit of research and I think the best and most likely place to investigate first is the pollen filter. Hopefully it has one fitted and it is clogged up. Replacing this will hopefully let the heater system breath easily again.

Again, just need some time to pull it out. Looks tricky but found a few good guides to follow.

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