Sunday 22 May 2011

BMW Log - The End

Well after being struck whilst the car was parked up (see here), it has now been confirmed that yes, it is the end of the E34.


Very annoying really as it is only a CAT C write-off, i.e. it is not economical to repair the vehicle when the garage quoting for repairs if only allowed to use genuine BMW parts.

So just the cost of replacing the wing and the dented alloy alone put repair costs in the region of 1,900 GBP, which on a car of this age is obviously not worth doing. Its just such a shame because that car had years of life left in it, the engine was sweet, real sweet. The body was not bad considering its age and the interior was very tidy indeed.

I really hope the garage/insurance sell it off as a write-off to someone to repair, but I think for a car this age it will be off to the scrap yard in the sky.

Well never mind, it did well for 15 years and approx. 210,000 miles, which is almost 8,5 times around the Earth!

RIP E34.


Anyway, onwards (its only a car I have to keep telling myself). I have decided to go for a Volvo. A 2003 V70 D5. So a new log, 'Volvo V70 Log' will begin shortly.

Saturday 14 May 2011

BMW Log - Could This Be The End?

This could quite possibly be the end of the E34 :(

This happened on 2011-05-12T15:30BST. Time of day is approximate (+/- 15 mins)..

It was parked outside a house, I was inside the house. Heard the alarm go off, heard the gasps from others in the house and shouts of 'Someone just crashed into your car!'.

So I went out and the person who lived opposite had reversed out their drive, must have not looked to see if there was anything behind them (strange, when you're reversing) and collided with my car.

Impact front nearside wing/wheel.