Friday 9 October 2009

160,000 Miles

Here is a list of things that need doing:

Most urgently
  • Tyres - Front tyres need replacing desperately. Problem... they are metric sizes and therefore difficult to replace. Still searching for replacement imperial wheels.
  • Control Arms - Front control arms are knocking badly and am getting wobbly shaking problems at speed/braking, all due to this.
Not so urgent
  • Heater - the heater blows hot air only after about 30 mins driving. Need to check, control panel, vent under dash, possible vacuum line from vent, control valves.
  • Wheel bearings - I suspect there maybe be at least one worn wheel bearing as I get a lot of 'worn bearing' sounding noises that vary with road speed. Want to change control arms first.
  • Replace boot gas struts. Already removed the glass only ones, as they were useless, but may as well replace whole boot lid struts too. Need a cheap supplier and some money!
  • Few spots of rust appearing - nip in bud.
  • Oil/filter change
Other than that it is still a fantastic car, love driving it, although the control arms are spoiling the experience at the mo.